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Contractor | Remodeling, Kitchen, Bathroom, living Room

Room additions are a great solution for providing additional living space to your home. Rick Davis Remodeling Contractor and Remodeling in Folsom Custom Homes, and home addition division has been creating additional living space to existing larger homes, we also offer the opportunity to be creative and to customize future living space. Some of our custom home additions have seen such improvements such as adding a living room addition or bedroom, extend your kitchen, or even build a garage addition with overhead living space. With room additions, you can aesthetically determine where the room addition ties into the existing home and select all of the exterior and interior finished materials.

Room additions are not unlike building an entirely new home, particularly if the room addition includes a kitchen and/or bathroom. Most, if not all, of the standard trades that are required in building a new home are also necessary for building a room addition. It is also important to our folsom contractor to note that a room addition project can be disruptive to the occupants of the home. With a little upfront planning this disruption can be somewhat mitigated but do not expect a hassle free effort when undertaking the building of a room addition.